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Let me explain,
Half the shit u got me thinking bout driving me insane.
Sexy pics permanently planted in my brain.
Feeling dizzy from charm I can feel it in my veins.
I’m not not trying to complain,
I’m just saying maybe its time for an upgrade,
a new chapter of ur life, just turn the page.
Of course Billy will be in raged.
But any beast can be stopped by a tase and a cage.
all I’m saying is give my flavor a taste,
see what it feels like to have a mans hands on ur waist,
u wouldn’t believe how fast those memorys will be replaced.
I’m only here to make u happy in the first place

lol a freestyle to me

I haven’t talked to a woman this long in awhile,
She says the need for speed made her smile,
I laugh cause she’s obviously in denial.
I’m dangerous I told u it was my style.
And you paying attention now.

I’m a real man,
That real man that will have u on the sand, spitting words for u trying to dance.
I’m full of compassion call me romance. And now as we both touch hands,
Bet I give the feelin to make u forget your man.
I’m not dissimilar u Jess,
I’m spreading love you understand? Haha just for u

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